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Fan Fiction

Have you ever written any stories or poems about the Rugrats?  Why not send them in so everybody can read them?  Click here to submit your stories and poems.  I will only post G-rated material.  Please remember that I reserve the right to revise and edit your stories and poetry before publishing them. Thanks!

Here's my poem:
The Rugrats

The Rugrats are special. Each and every one.                                   
They go on adventures and have lots of fun.                         
Tommy is brave, he's never afraid.
He'll lead all the Rugrats right into a cave.
Chuckie is careful and cautious,
Any adventure will make him nautious.
Phil and Lil are close as can be.
They'll stick together by land of by sea.
Angelica thinks she's an angel.
She's really a giant pain, though.
Susie is sweet and kind.
She's a good friend all of the time.
Baby Dil is cute as can be.
With those big baby eyes, it's plain to see.
The Rugrats are special.
Each and every one.
They'll stick together till the day is done.

The best thing about Fan Fiction is that you can write about anything you choose!

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