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Here is the ice cream that the Rugrats ate in Ice Cream Mountain.

Chuckie enjoyed this ice cream sundae in the episode Ice Cream Mountain and you can too!  Be prepared to use a lot of ice cream in this recipe, or use less if you need to!

You will need:
And ice cream dish
chocolate ice cream
vanilla ice cream
strawberry ice cream
any other ice cream flavors you like
whipped cream

Here's what you do:
Spread the whipped cream evenly over the bottom of your ice cream dish.  Scoop the ice cream high over the cream until it resembles a mountain.  Then add a dab of whipped cream to the "mountain" and top it with a cherry if you like. 

Like all the Rugrats, Chuckie loves ice cream!

Please remember that I have no connection with Nickelodeon or Klasky Cuspo whatsoever.   I'm just another Rugrats fan, like you.  All of the titles, logos, and characters on this page are trademarks of Viacom.