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About the president of Rugrats Rule: My name is Giada and I am president of Rugrats Rule.  My job here at Rugrats Rule is to come up with games, stories, quizzes, etc, etc, etc… that I think you will like.  I update this site almost every other day with new pages or just with small changes.  E-mail me by clicking here

About the Vice President of Rugrats Rule:
The vice president of Rugrats Rule is a girl named Chantelle Walsh.  Her job is to help me run this site, provide even more ideas for updates, and more.    Chantelle can be e-mailed by clicking here and you can visit Chantelle's Corner by clicking here.     

About other Staff Members
Katherine, Laura and Dil are also part of the Rugrats Rule staff.  They help Chantelle and I come up with ideas for this site and helps us run it.  Click here to e-mail Katherine and here to e-mail Dil.. 

Rugrats Rule was published to the web on February 9th, 1999.  Since then, I have received over one hundred e-mails telling me ideas, comments, suggestions, and responses to
The Case of the Lost Bottle.  Thanks to everybody who has mailed me and everybody who has helped me with this site! :)

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Please remember that I have no connection with Nickelodeon or Klasky Cuspo whatsoever.   I'm just another Rugrats fan, like you.  All of the titles, logos, and characters on this page are trademarks of Viacom.