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Here's a story sent in by Sweetie!


Rugrats Stories

Tommy and Chuckie Meet Reptar

     Tommy and Chuckie were sitting in the playpen.  Tommy said, "I wish I could meat Reptar."
     "Me too," said Chuckie.  Just then the TV said, "Reptar is coming to the mall!  Come see him!" 
     "I think we should take the kids to see Reptar," said Didi. 
     "Yes," said Stu.  So they took the babies into the car.  They  drove to the mall.   When they got there, Stu could not park the car.  There were so many people coming to see Reptar.   
     "I guess we can't go see Reptar if we can't park," said Didi.  Tommy and Chuckie began to cry really loud.   Just then Stu found an empty parking space!  He parked in the space.  Didi took the babies out of the car and she took them inside.  Inside it was very crowded.  She got a map and found out where Reptar was.  He was far away!  They had to push through people to get to him.  Finally they were there.  Tommy and Chuckie were very happy! 
     "Hello, kids," Reptar said to them.  Tommy laughed and Chuckie laughed too.  Reptar gave them his autograph! 
     "Wait till I show this autograph to Angelica!" Tommy said when they got home, "And Phil and Lil too!" 
     He showed them all the autograph the next day and they liked it very much. 


By, Sweetie 

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