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Rugrat Story

The Rugrats Camping Adventure
     One day, Stu and Didi Pickles decided that they would take Tommy, Dil, and Spike camping.  They had loaded everything up and were in the
car.  "Dil, we're gonna go cramping!" Tommy exclaimed.  Dil laughed and Spike licked him.  When they arrived at the camp site, Stu began to pitch the tent, and Didi began unloaded everything else from the car, so neither of them noticed when Tommy, Dil, and Spike quietly slipped away.  Tommy, Dil, and Spike wandered through the woods until it got dark.  Then Tommy looked around and became frightened.  "We're losted." he said.  "WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" wailed Dil.  Tommy found a hollowed out tree (little did he know that it was the same tree he and Dil had taken shelter in during the storm when Phil and Lil wanted to take Dil back to "The
Hospical"!).  So he grabbed Dil and climbed in.  Spike followed.  Tommy, Dil, and Spike huddled against each other to try to keep warm.  During the night, Tommy, Dil, and Spike were all suddenly awakened when they heard something coming toward the tree.  Tommy and Dil clung to each other and shivered.  Suddenly, two dark shadows appeared.  They looked
like monsters!  "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!"  shrieked Tommy and Dil.  The shadows crawled right up to Tommy, Dil, and Spike.  Then, one of the shadows picked up Tommy. "AAAAH!" shrieked Tommy.  "Whoa, calm down Sport!" said the shadow.  Meanwhile, the other shadow
had picked up Dil.  "WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Dil wailed. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" shrieked Tommy.
"WOOF!  WOOF!" barked Spike.  "Tommy, Dil, it's just mommy and
daddy!" exclaimed Stu and Didi.  Tommy hugged Stu, Dil hugged Didi, and
Spike licked them both.

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