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had come with us," he cried.
"Oh great!" Chuckie groaned.
"Hurry up, Tommy," Phil said as he struggled to keep from falling.
"I'm trying," Tommy pushed off and jumped as high as a one-year-old could.  His finger managed to push the lowest button, just as he fell to the floor.
As the elevator traveled upward, Chuckie hugged his stomach.  "Elevators always make my tummy feel funny," he mumbled.
Not a moment too soon, the doors flew open and the small group trooped out. 
"We're lost, I just know it," sighed Chuckie.
"No we're not," cried Tommy, "look there!"
Everyone turned to where Tommy was pointing. 
Right in front of the babies was a long window, which gave them a wonderful view of the huge airplanes.   
"Wow!" gasped Lil, "When you get close enough, "arrowplanes" are really, really, big!"
"Hey!  Those don't look like arrows at all!" Phil said, looking surprised.
"I told you so!" Lil said smugly. 
"How are we gonna get to them?" wondered Chuckie.
"I think we need to go through that tunnel," Tommy said as he pointed to a ramp that people were walking down.
"Oh no!" Chuckie said firmly, "Maybe I left the safe ice cream shop, maybe I took that scary elevator ride, maybe I went along with everything you said, but I'm
not going down that scary tunnel!!!"
"All right, Chuckie," said Tommy, "You can just stay here all by yourself."
"Bye Chuckie!" called Lil as she crawled onto the ramp.
"Bye bye!" Phil called.
Chuckie knew that there might be scary monsters in that tunnel and he knew that the tunnel might lead to somewhere really scary, but nothing was scarier than being left behind.
"Wait up, guys!" he screamed, "I'm coming with you!  Don't leave me behind!" 
Tommy smiled as his friend hurried to join them.  He knew that all he needed to do to make Chuckie come with them was to simply leave him alone. 
The tunnel was long and there were lots people hurrying down it.  They went by so fast, that they didn't even notice the babies who were crawling along beside them. 
"Those grownups must be going so fast because they're scared too," Chuckie commented. 
At the end of the ramp was an opening.  A smiling woman in a blue uniform was standing at the opening. 
"Tickets please," she said to a family in front of the babies. 

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