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better than your yucky bread!"
"No way!"
"Yes way!"
"Fine, Phil," Lil finally said, "We'd better stop arguing and we'd better go look for the "crockpit"."
"All right," Phil agreed reluctantly. 
The two dropped their food and left the kitchen with bits of whole-wheat bread and peanuts all over the floor. 
As the twins continued their search, Tommy and Chuckie had finally come out from their hiding place and were trying to open a door. 
"Tommy, are you sure the "crockpit" is in here?" asked Chuckie, who was holding Tommy up. 
"It has to be," said Tommy, "This is the only place left where we haven't checked, unless Phil and Lil have already found it."  Tommy grasped the door handle and twisted it.  "Oh no, Chuckie," he gasped, "it's locked!"
"Great.  Just great," Chuckie sighed, "Now we'll never get home." 
"Yes we will," Tommy assured him, "Let's go find Phil and Lil.  Maybe they are already trying to fly us home." 
"OK," agreed Chuckie.  He and Tommy began crawling toward the back of the plane.  When they were almost to the very back, they spotted Phil and Lil, sitting on an empty seat, stareing out the window.
"Hey!" cried Tommy, "You guys are supposed to be looking for the "crockpit"!" 
Lil turned around and said, "I think you better come and look out the window!"
Tommy and Chuckie climbed up beside the twins and looked.  "Oh no!  Oh no!" wailed Chuckie.  They were so high, that they couldn't even see the ground!  All that they could see was a thick blanket of clouds, far below. 
"We're doomed!  Doomed,
doomed!!" Chuckie wailed. 
This time, not even Tommy wanted to argue with him. 
"We're never going to see the ground again!" Phil cried.
"Or our mommies and daddies!" sobbed Lil. 
The four small babies all started crying.  They were trapped in this airplane and they would never get home!
Tommy yawned and opened his eyes.  He, his friends, his friend's parents, his new brother Dil, and his cousin Angelica were all in his parent's van going to a place called an airport.  They were going to ride something called an "arrowplane".
"What's an "arrowplane"?" his friend Lil DeVille asked. 
Tommy yawned and answered, "I don't know.  But it must be something good since out mommies and daddies are taking us to one."
I hope it's not too scary," worried Chuckie Finster.
"Come on, Chuckie," said Tommy, "You've seen "arrowplanes" before, and they're not scary."
"Yah, but I've never seen one up close," argued Chuckie.
"I wonder if an "arrowplane" is a giant arrow," said Phil, Lil's twin brother. 
"Nu-uh, Phillip!" argued Lil, "If it was a giant arrow, they'd call it an "arrowbig", not an arrowplane!"

The End???

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