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Dil always gets bored after his nap, so he put this list of fun things to do after naptime.
1) Play tug-of-war with your big brother over a teddy bear or a blankie. 
2) Play paints!
3) Eat worms with Phil and Lil.

  1. Draw on the walls.  Be warned though!  This might make mommy angry! 
  2. Chase Spike's tail.
  3. Ride the Reptar Wagon around outside.
  4. Play with the all the toys daddy invented. 

Le Café de Phil and Lil

Chocolate Milk (nope, no bugs in this drink!)
Buggies n' Chicken Soup
Worm Casserole
Ant Salad
Dirt Sundaes
Cricket Cookies

That's all the food on the menu of Le Café de Phil and Lil!  We hope you enjoyed your meals!


Here's what you need to know during bath time according to Tommy.

  1. Be careful of the drain.  It might suck you down.
  2. Make sure your mommy or daddy puts lots of that bubbly stuff in the water. 
  3. Get plenty of toys to play with.
  4. Close your eyes when your mommy or daddy washes your hair with that jelly stuff.  It stings! (I don't really know this since I don't gots no hair, but Chuckie told me about it) 
  5. Splash and splash as much as you can!  It's lots of fun! 
  6. As soon as your mommy or daddy pulls out the drainy thing, get out of the tub! 
All done.


Angelica knows everything about getting dressed for bed! 
OK everybody!  Listen up!  I'm going to tell you how to get dressed for bed!  Here's what you gotta do:

  1. Make sure you gots some pretty jammies.   
  2. Put your jammies on and then slip on some matching slippers.
  3. Comb out your hair, but leave your pigtails in (if you have them).  They look pretty. 
Now you're ready for bed!


The Rugrats have had a busy day but now they are very sleepy.  This is what they all think you need to do before falling asleep. 
Tommy: Snuggle under your covers.
Chuckie: Check to make sure there's no monsters under the bed.
Angelica: Think about how beautiful you are. 
Phil: Eat one last worm.
Lil: Make sure your nightgown is prettyful.
Dil: Goo goo!  Me sleepy!  Me think…zzzzz!
Uh oh!  Looks like Dil fell asleep before he got to say his tip!  He's had long day.  So have the other Rugrats.  Good night!     

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