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  1. If you can, play a nice safe game like Roll the Ball. 
  2. Stay away from toys that talk! 
  3. It's safer inside, so don't go outside. 
  4. Never ever play in the attic, the garage, or the basement!  It's way too dark and scary! 
Now you'll know how to stay safe during your next playtime! 


Since babies don't go to school, they teach each other.  Here are some vocabulary words that Dil wants to teach you! 

Yucky =Angelica
Hungy =hungry
Tomby =Tommy
Nanners =bananas
Nannana= also means banana
Blanky =blanket
Mine =You know this one, right?
Pike =Spike
Now you are fluent in Dil's language!  Congratulations! 


Angelica would like to teach you a thing or two also! 
Listen up you dumb babies!  I'm your teacher now whether you like it or not!  Here are some vital things you need to know. 

  1. To get some cookies, scream and yell and cry.  Then a grownup will think something is wrong and they'll give you a cookie to make you feel better.  Either that or you can make the babies to do it for you! 
  2. To get out of trouble when a grownup is mad at you, cry pitifully and tell them how much you love them.  Works every time!
  3. To get a toy, promise your parents that if they buy it for you, you'll clean your room once a month!  By the time you need to clean your room, they will have probably forgotten all about it! 
Now you know all the vital information you need! 

Le Café de Phil and Lil

Bug Juice
Grasshopper Sandwiches
Mud Pies
Bug Burgers
French Flies


After lunch is always the best time to have an adventure, so Tommy has put together a list of things you'll need to take along with you on one!

  1. A sponsitility.  Some people also call it a "crumpess".
  2. Fresh diapies.
  3. A bottle of milk.  Chocolate is yummy!
  4. A Reptar Wagon if you think you'll get tired of walking.
  5. Blankies if the nights are cold. 
That's it!  Now go have an adventure!


Chuckie knows that everybody sometimes has bad dreams during naptime, so here are some tips on how to stay bad dream free!

  1. Don't play any scary games before falling asleep.
  2. Never think about clowns!
  3. Think happy thoughts while you're in your crib. 
  4. Sleep with a teddy bear.  That always helps. 
  5. Have your daddy (or mommy) read you a story.
Now you will have good dreams for sure! 

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