Know a Rugrat Rumor?  Post it on this page!

This page features Rugrat rumors sent in by YOU!  So, if you know of some exclusive Rugrats info that you're dying to share, e-mail me with your rumor and I'll post it on this page!  REMEMBER!  These are rumors.  They are not proven to be true. 

Here's my rumor to get this page started:
*In the next Rugrat movie, Chuckie will play an important role.
*Abigail Rose said that Phil and Lil's birthday is on March 17. 
*Sunbeam said that Nickelodeon is running out of new ideas for Rugrats episodes and will soon have a contest within the next few months asking kids to come up with their own episodes. 
*Chris said that Chuckie's mom isn't really dead, she is just on a very long top-secret trip to Africa and she will return in the next movie.
* Sarah Wakefield said they will be introducing ANOTHER Rugrats character in the second movie! There's no clues as to who it will be or how they will be related to the cast yet though.
*The Unofficial Rugrats Online has said on it's web site that the Rugrats will visit Europe in the next movie.
*Katrina Maker says that all the Rugrats will age by one year in the sequel and Chuckie will now to go to school.
* Danielle Shapher said that the next Rugrats season will have a new theme song with baby Dil and Susie. 
* Zwie said that Grandpa Lou will DIE in the next movie! 
* Tommy said that the next movie he won't be
Chuckie's friend.
* An anonymous person said that Phil and Lil's mom will have a new baby.
*Patty said that Angelica will sell baby Dil and buy a new Cynthia Dream Mansion with
the money she made from selling him.
*Janise heard that Tommy is going to teach Dil to talk and Tommy will get a baby sister.
* Holly said that the Rugrats will grow up and will have a new show. 

Do you have a rumor?  E-mail me!

* None of these rumors are necessarily true.  They are just peoples' thought, opinions, and predictions for the Rugrats

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